Friday, 21 September 2012

Having my collar felt...

On Monday September 17th two officers from Merseyside Police's Football Intelligence Unit knocked at my door, they were sent there at the request of Everton Football Club, with an allegation that I was 'harassing' the Principal of the Everton Free School Adrian Packer.

A Recordable Verbal Warning was issued under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 - 'It is Merseyside Police practi

ce to give you a recordable verbal warning in relation to this incident. You are being warned that this may be the first recorded event in a course of conduct of harassment, and you are strongly advised not to make any form of communication to the reporting person. If in the future you are investigated for a similar offence, you may well commit an offence against The Protection from Harassment Act 1997. Such an offence may leave you liable to arrest.'

This particular Act was passed to prosecute people who constantly intimidate or stalk victims.

I made one short visit to the Everton Free School to make an appointment to meet Adrian Packer on September 11th. For the record, I have met him once, in July, for about 10 seconds, I've written one letter to him and have never spoken to him on the phone or communicated with him in any other way.

This is clearly an attempt by Everton FC and the Free School to intimidate anyone who is opposed to their plans to implement the Conservative Party's agenda of undermining state education.

Please send protests to Ian Miller, Football Intelligence Officer, Floor 7, Merseyside Police, Canning Place, Liverpool L1 8JX and/or e-mail -

Richard Knights

Evertonians Against Free Schools

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  1. So are you denying what Inspector Brennan has said that you had 2 meetings in June in the space of a week with Mr Packer..................even though it your blog you are adamant that " For the record, I have met him once, in July, for about 10 seconds"